Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cosplay Fun!

Dear Doll-Lovers!
Dear Cosplay-Lovers!

Clover's hope to improve more on her designs and reaching out to the community, thus hereby offering her customised sewing services to cosplayers out there.

Do you need a new set of costumes to flaunt off your cosplay talents?
Having budget constraints?
Wishing more details on your costumes?
Wanting better quality fabrics than thinned-out cheap cottons?
Always cosplaying the same characters as there are no more costume for rental?

Write in to, tell her which character you would like to cosplay as and which future events you will be attending with the costume!

And the reward is: you get to wear your desired costume, made according to your measurements, without any rental charges at all! For free!

Write in now!

*Only 2 entries will be selected for free-rental*

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